Verona Labs

I had longtime looking for a team that i can do all of my projects with its name. So i started to search some smart and experienced people. Then now Verona Labs is established. The name was suggestion of Navid. The aim of team is doing the projects as web. All of the people who are in the main structure of team are the best in their courses. Arin, Milad, Mahsa, Sepideh and me, we all are specialized and smart people.
Beside the projects, i have some ideas and free services that we will do within this team.

A good start!

Hi, This is the first post on my blog. I am very glade that i could come back after a long time since i have sat my blog.

I want to start writing about every thing that i believe you will interested in, specielly from my trips and my advantures.

Now, i work on the new version of the WP SMS plugin. If you use plugin, i suggest you to submit your email in WP SMS Subscribe newsletter to get any news of the plugin 😉